1896 Ladies Riding Crop

1896 Ladies Riding Crop

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This is a charming example of the Victorian whip makers’ art; it is beautifully made with an antique style all of its own. It has a bone antler handle and a Malacca shaft finished with leather thong.  The Malacca shaft is varnished and in its original condition as is the thong and binding. The Shaft and the antler handle are delineates by a sterling silver collar.  The Birmingham hallmark on the collar dates the whips as being made in 1896.

This elegant crop measures 69cm from the top of the handle to the tip of the leather thong and feels light, delicate and subtle in the hand but with a commanding presence

In the hands of the experienced or novice dominant this item has all the requirements needed to ensure that the submissive partner know his or her place in the BDSM role-play hierarchy. 

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