1960's Leather plaited Riding Crop
1960's Leather plaited Riding Crop

1960's Leather plaited Riding Crop

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This beautiful riding crop features a polished woven leather shaft that continues into the interlaced leather handle. The shaft and the handle are delineated by an exquisitely woven Turk’s Head knot. The handle is finished with a woven pommel and an attached braided wrist strap. The business end of the crop has a leather tongue fixed to the shaft with another Turk’s Head knot.  This item is a beautiful example of the leather workers art.

The crop is completely original in all its components. Light and flexible in the hand with the ability to be used with sensitivity or menacing intimidation depending on your desires.

The Crop measures 60cm from the leather thong at its tip to the pommel at the handle and the wrist strap measures 14cm.

This crop has a very flexible shaft and the feel and demure of it makes it an ideal addition to any dominant BDSM practitioner’s collection of implements of discipline.

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