Antique Swaine Ladies Riding Crop 1798 - 1825
Antique Swaine Ladies Riding Crop 1798 - 1825
Antique Swaine Ladies Riding Crop 1798 - 1825

Antique Swaine Ladies Riding Crop 1798 - 1825

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This is an an Antique Ladies’ Riding Crop; a fine example of the Whip makers’ art made by Swaine & Co the renowned whip makers to the Royal family since the reign of George III. The handle of the whip has a silver button engraved with the maker’s name.

The whip has a sterling silver collar that is assayed marked but due to aged wear it is not possible to date the whip from the marks. However we do know that the whip was made sometime between 1798-1825 as this was the period that the maker operated under the name Swain & Co as shown on the silver button on the whips handle. After 1825 the company became know as Swaine & Isaac. 

In 1798 James Swaine had set up his whip making company in High Holborn in London. The first Royal Warrant was granted to the company by King George III for carriage riding whips. Historic company ledgers show that the Prince Regent and his friends – the "Prinny's Set" – figured among the firm's customers

This crop features a Malacca shaft; antler horn handle and a leather tongue. As said a sterling silver collar delineates the handle from the shaft. This collar (apart from the assay marks) is engraved with the initials “EJJJ” in a ornate florid script.

This Crop is light and flexible in the hand and has the ability to be used with sensitivity or menacing intimidation depending of the desires of the director in command of the role-play.

The feel, flexibility and demure of this crop makes it an ideal addition to any dominant BDSM practitioner’s collection of implements of discipline.

The Crop measures 75cm from the leather thong at its tip of the bone at the handle.

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