Vintage Swaine Lunge Whip with lash
Vintage Swaine Lunge Whip with lash

Vintage Swaine Lunge Whip with lash

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This is a fine example of the Riding Crop maker’s art made by Thomas Brigg & Sons renowned whips makes who in 1943 joined forced with Swaine & Adeney to become Swaine, Adeney, Brigg & Sons Ltd. Swaine & Adeney had been whip makers to the Royal family since the reign of Queen Victoria.

This crop features a patina’d bamboo shaft joined to an antler shaped handle by a sterling sliver collar; the collar is assayed as London 1931. Unusually the composite moulded handle is engraved with the name “Brigg” and the collar is engraved with the initial “J.N.B”. Finally the leather keeper is attached to the whip’s bamboo shaft by a stitched leather sleeve that is topped and tailed with Turks head whipping. The plaited leash has been replaced.

This Crop is light and flexible in the hand and has the ability to be used with sensitivity or menacing intimidation depending of the desires of the dominant castigator in command of the role-play.

The Crop measures 52cm from the tip of the leather keeper the top handle. An the leash is 30cm long

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