1970's Woven Riding Crop

1970's Woven Riding Crop

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This vintage Riding Crop dates from the 1970’s.

It features a lacquered woven linen shaft and a leather tongue and is topped with a white metal pommel.  The crop has all its original components that’s condition are commensurate with the age of the item.  The crop has been lovingly refurbished in the Model Traitor’s artisan workshop.

This Crop is light and flexible in the hand and has the ability to be used with sensitivity or menacing intimidation depending of the desires of the director in command of the role-play.

The feel, flexibility and demure of this crop makes it an ideal addition to any dominant BDSM practitioner’s collection of implements of discipline.

The Crop measures 67cm from the leather thong at its tip to the pommel at the handle.

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