WW2 Officers’ Punishment Stick

WW2 Officers’ Punishment Stick

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If your fantasies are toward the extreme end of the domination and punishment spectrum this item is for you. One only has to hold it to imagine what scenarios of punishment and penance this cane has witnessed in its long life.

This WW2 Punishment Stick is of a simple but intimidating design made from inflexible maple it has no adornments other than a solid brass ferrule at its tip but it’s menacing persona needs no other ornamentations, it threating presents speaks for itself.

The Punishment Stick measures 54cm in length and if very light in the hand. There is no give or bend in the shaft of this stick so do be advised that this is an item that can administer server discipline if required but if not it can give a gentle tap or reprimand is the dominant is feeling kind. 

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