WW2 King’s Parade Marshal’s Stick

WW2 King’s Parade Marshal’s Stick

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This is a fetching WW2 Parade Marshal’s stick.  It is 62cm in length with a gorgeously ebonised black shaft, the stick is topped with a silver metal pommel embossed with the insignia of the King’s Liverpool Regiment and it has a brass ferrule at its tip.

An interesting feature of this Parade Stick is that just below its pommel cap is a section of binding that holds a wire loop there to affix the regimental tassel to the stick during official regimental duties on the parade ground.

This cane with its dark brooding air epitomises control, obedience and subservience and every dominant be they a beginner or experienced master in the art of domestic discipline should have such an item in their repertoire of implements of desire as it will make any submissive bow to its owners commands without hesitation.

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