BDSM Civility Cane

BDSM Civility Cane

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A beautiful, long, slim, vintage Edwardian discipline cane, an ideal implement of BDSM instruction, direction and chastisement.

This example of the bamboo genre is in excellent condition having lovingly been reconditioned in The Model Traitor workshops. It shows off a lovely patina that comes with its age and measures 90cm in length. Its natural slender cruel beauty is adorned with a delicate Bakelite pommel and a brass ferule finishes off the end of the cane.

This item of chastisement is best suited for the more experienced Master or Mistress as it has a malicious sting to it but if the neophyte dominant wished to explore a little more into the more severe side of domestic discipline then this could be the item to start their journey with.

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