Edwardian Mistress's Lunge Whip
Edwardian Mistress's Lunge Whip

Edwardian Mistress's Lunge Whip

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This Edwardian Mistress’s Lunge Whip has an antler bone handle and a lacquered hardwood shaft. An exquisite feature of this whip is the silver metal (The metal is probably silver but there is no assay mark)  embossed collar that joint the antler handle to the wooden shaft.

The whip has a braided leather lash attached to the keeper in the classic knotted style and the lash is finished with a blue cotton rope cracker. This is a beautiful petite instrument that has hidden strengths and can make a strong impression on the subservient applicant if so desired. It is a perfect instrument of disciple for the dominant Mistress.

The shaft of the whip measures 58cm from handle to the top of the leather keeper and the lash is 80cm in length. The whip has all of its original components and is a delight to observe and to behold.

This is a beautiful example of the traditional whip makers craft and should be purchased for its vintage beauty alone but if bought by a dominant partner with the intention of using it as an erotic corrective instrument to chastise his or her submissive partner it cannot fail to achieve the desired compliance. 

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