Satyr Equus Whip
Satyr Equus Whip
Satyr Equus Whip

Satyr Equus Whip

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The Satyr Equus Whip

 As with the all other Model Traitor Satyr flagellants the Equus Whip has a tactile shaft hand turned from English beech that is finished with luxurious waxes by time served craftsmen. The final embellishment as with the entire Satyr range is a solid brass collar adding a crowning touch of classicism to a beautiful implement of discipline with the option of silver plated or polished gold brass.

 What sets the Equus whip above any other instrument of correction is the use of hair from the tails of wild stallion from the plains of Montana as the chastising material.

Tails from black stallions are imported from selected ranches in Montana in the USA. The tails are then combed and treated with oils in our workshop before being bonded into the polished beech handles.

 The Equus Whip is an instrument has subtlety. In use the sound of the horsehair cutting through the air gives the submissive a brief moment of anticipation before the strand meet with the penitent flesh. The impact however is deceptive, the sound of the whip slicing through the air gives feeling of foreboding but the impact is pleasingly sensual and sensitive.

Do not be mislead, if a harsher experience is required the Equus Whip can deliver that too but primarily the Equus Whip is an instrument whose raison d'etres is sensitivity, sensuality and subtly. 

Handmade in the UK


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