Vintage Lunge Whip
Vintage Lunge Whip

Vintage Lunge Whip

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This item dates from the 1960’s, has a stag’s antler horn handle and two silver metal collars; one joining the antler handle to the leather grip and the other joining the grip to the woven shaft.

The grip is covered in a stitched leather sheath that has an exceptional patina and the shaft is clad in it’s original braided covering. The business end of the whip is an exceptional example of the whip makers’ art being a long, beautifully braided leather lash topped of with a plaited and knotted cord tongue.

This desirable lunge whip’s shaft measures 50cm from handle to tip of the shaft and the instructional lash of the whip is 100cm long.  Every item on this lovely whip is original and in perfect condition.

An exquisite implement of reprimand and chastisement in the hands of the experiences dominant partner in any BDSM scenario this item will enhance and Dom/Sub role-play encounter.
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