WW2 Swagger Stick

WW2 Swagger Stick

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A  WW2 Whangee bamboo swagger with a malevolent character.

Every vintage item of domestic discipline has its own persona acquired from years of inflicting chastisement on reluctant flesh; some are subtle in nature, some merciless, some are gentle and some are malevolent.

This Swagger stick is a beast of anguish and we suggest that you do not purchase it if you, or your submissive partner, are faint hearted in nature; this items is not for wimps!

This implement is unusually thick for it’s genre and it seems that it’s only mission in life it to be inflicting agony and anguish in the hands of a very, very dominant practitioner in the art of domestic discipline.

This Swagger Stick dates from WW2 with its aged patina it measures 76cm in length and has diameter of 2cm. As said, this swagger stick has a, mean and malicious nature; do not buy it if that does not match your dominant persona.

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