Woven Crop
Woven Crop

Woven Crop

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Vintage Braided Leather Riding Crop.

This is a very unusual and collectable vintage riding crop that features a flexible, tapering black leather braided shaft that leads to a woven handle finished off with a wrist strap.

A dark black Turk’s Head knot delineates the handle from the wrist strap.  The business end of the crop is finished with the classic leather tongue made form black leather.

This crop measures 76cm from its leather thong at its tip to the end of the wrist strap.

This crop is light in the hand and with its flexible shaft it has the ability to be used with sensitivity or menacing intimidation depending of the desires of the director in command of the role-play scenario being enacted.

The feel and unyielding flexibility of this crop makes it an ideal addition to any dominant BDSM practitioner’s collection of implements of domestic discipline.

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