Antique Carpet Beater
Antique Carpet Beater

Antique Carpet Beater

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Go back in history and you will find that the domestic carpet beater has always been used as an erotic item of punishment. You can just imagine the Victorian housemaid; failing in her duties to keep the house rugs clean, having her own carpet beater used on her derriere to show her the errors of her ways? We are sure that at some time in its long life this Edwardian carpet beater has been used for such corrective purposes.

Measuring just 59cm long and 15cm at its widest point this Edwardian carpet beater is an ideal item of vintage chastisement.  It exhibits a beautiful patina commensurate with its age and is light and agile in the hand.

When used with skill and consideration this carpet beater will leave a gorgeous impression on the submissive partners reluctant if so desired.  

You can just imagine how intimidating this item would look in your collection of BDSM implements of punishment; it is the perfect addition for any connoisseur of the erotic art of castigation.

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