Leather bound WW2 Swagger Stick

Leather bound WW2 Swagger Stick

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Exquisite WW2 Leather Bound Swagger Stick.

This antique leather bound officer’s swagger stick dates from WW2. It measures 57cm in length and it’s diameter at the handle goes to 2cm making it fit the hand perfectly. It comprises of a semi-flexible shaft covered in a perfectly stitch leather coating. The long slender shaft tappers up from it tip to form an organically shaped pommelled handle all forming part of the leather covering.

This Swagger Stick has an authority all of its own and the dominant participant in any sub/dom scenario will only need to point with it to the floor to ensure the recalcitrant submissive falls to their knees in subjugation. If further physical chastisement is required, in the hands of the seasoned dominant the semi-flexible shaft of this swagger stick has the ability to deliver the obligatory amount of pain and pleasure. This indeed is a very rare and desirable item of BDSM discipline.
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