Equus Gag
Equus Gag
Equus Gag
Equus Gag

Equus Gag

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If any one item of restriction epitomises BDSM domination it is the gag; visually it symbolises who the master is in the erotic relationship and practically it muffles the cries and whimpers of the reluctant submissive when role-play chastisement is administered.

 As with all desirable Model Traitor items the Equus Gag combines beauty with practicality. The Equus Gag has a solid rubber bite bar and the securing straps are made from soft lambs nappa leather, backed in suede for comfort and strength. All is connected with polished gold plated chain and buckles.

 The Equus Gag is an inherent part of Model Traitors luxury bondage restraints offering both beauty and tactile delights to inspire exploration and indulgence. They are suitable for beginners and for experienced BDSM players.


S-M Snaffle bit measures 9cm wide. Full gag adjusts between 44cm -51.5cm

M-L Snaffle bit measures 10cm wide. Full gag adjusts between 45.5cm -53.5cm

X-L Snaffle bit measures 11cm wide. Full gag adjusts between 47cm -55.5cm


Packed in a luxurious black magnetic gift box, lined in tissue paper. Discreet packaging.

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