Horse Hair Fly Whip

Horse Hair Fly Whip

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Sigmund Freud said once said that "After adolescence, tickle games may become more erotic, with participation in erotic games, foreplay and sex becoming the motivation of the tickler."… who are we to disagree with Sigmund?

This vintage Horse Hair Fly Whip is ideal for the advocate of kenismesis and would meet all of Mr Freud’s requirements as an implement of erotic sensation. The handle of the Whip is a lacquered malacca shaft with a white metal ferrule at its tip; it measures 30cm in length. Joining the shaft to the horse hair mane is a white metal collar.

The business end of the whip is vintage horsehair and the overall length of this instrument of erotic simulating is 60cm.

Of course if knismesis does not tickle your fancy then this whip is also ideal for use in gentle BDSM scenario be it domestic discipline or sensual punishment role-play.

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