Hound Masters Whip

Hound Masters Whip

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Vintage 1970’s leather bound Hound Masters whip

This whip dates from the 1970’s; it has a stitched leather handle, a woven cloth shaft and a long braided leash, which is topped of with a knotted chord stringer. The handle is finished off with a silver metal pommel and the intersection between the shaft and the handle is delineated with a silver metal collar.

This desirable whip’s shaft measures 43cm from handle to tip of the woven shaft and the instructional lash of the whip is 60cm long.  This whip is in its original condition, which is perfect, all but a slight dent in the silver metal pommel

The purpose of a hound masters ‘whip is not to strike the hounds but to use it's cracking sound to train and control.

Do you have a submissive cur in your kennel that needs to be subjected the cruel “crack”; or maybe the sting, of the this whip to make them obey your commands? If so this is the item for you …

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