Il Maestro’s Sculacciatore
Il Maestro’s Sculacciatore

Il Maestro’s Sculacciatore

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 This item is the master of all spanker, which is why The Model Traitor has christened it “Il Maestro’s Sculacciatore”.  It is just waiting for the fortunate buyer to use it to baptise the reluctant derriere of any subservient submissive.

Conceived in the preparatory schools of Scotland this set of Tawse is made from the most sumptuous, malevolent vintage leather with an impact area that will bring joy to the heart of any dominant castigator wishing to leave their mark.

This wonderful implement measure 52cm in length and 7.5cm at its widest point

If the sight of tingling blushing cheeks or a red smarting derriere are one of your peccadillos then this is the desired instrument of sensuous enhancement for you.

Only one available

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