La Lingua del Diavolo
La Lingua del Diavolo

La Lingua del Diavolo

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This rare Devil’s Tongue implement of castigation is a vintage single pronged Tawse with a diabolic nature.  It measures 58cm in length and from the handle tappers to a wicked, cruel and punishing point.  It is made from 5mm thick vintage leather lovingly polished to a high lustred patina.

 This item it is a joy to behold; perhaps more so for the castigator and not so for the reluctant submissive!

Some implements of BDSM control only need to be held in the hand of the dominant to have the submissive submit with grace to any command given; these vintage Tawse embody a diabolic inherent authority but they also have a natural dark satanic beauty that is a joy to behold.

The school Tawse is the ultimate BDSM implement of domestic discipline. The submissive partner in any role-play scenario only has to hear their mistress or master say “Fetch me the Tawse please” to know that harsh but stimulating retribution for misdemeanours that have occurred is bound to follow.

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