Rustic riding crop
Rustic riding crop

Rustic riding crop

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This item is a desirable rustic implement of impact play made from one piece of chestnut wood with a steam formed bentwood handle is a cross between a headmaster’s cane and a riding crop. It is topped off with a leather thong that gives that little extra tingle as it meets with the flesh of the subservient partner

It has been designed by nature but do not let its rustic charm fool you; hidden in its fauna form is a domineering item of domestic discipline. If there was a Wind in the Willows BDSM community this is the item that Ratty would use to discipline the submissive Mr. Toad.

It is estimated that this crop dates from the Edwardian period  (1901 – 1910), it measures 54cm in length and with it’s naturally handle is a joy to hold fitting to the hand with sensual touch. As with all vintage wooden canes this item show a beautiful gloss patina.

Due to its shape being formed by nature this really is a unique item and the buyer will own an exclusive instrument of control and submission that can only add to any role-play scenario.

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