Satyr Chocolate Cat O’Nine Tails
Satyr Chocolate Cat O’Nine Tails

Satyr Chocolate Cat O’Nine Tails

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This unique Cat O’Nine Tails flogger has a tactile shaft, hand turned from English beech that is finished with luxurious waxes by time served craftsmen. The final embellishment as with the entire Satyr range is a solid brass collar that adds a crowning touch of classicism to this beautiful implement of discipline with the option of silver plated or polished gold brass.

The nine thongs of the Cat are chosen by hand from selected hides.  Once selected the Thongs are then impregnated with natural oils to give them the required subtlety before they are bonded into the handle of the whip.

This instrument is deceptive. The brutality the 9 thongs suggest hides a gentleness that can lead to an erotic controlling experience depending on the dexterity and will of the Master or Mistress using it.

This beautiful example of artisan work offers its commanding user the ability to inflict sensuous castigation across the complete gambit of physical sensation.

Handmade in the UK


Measures total length 70 cm. Handle diameter at widest point: 4.3 cm


Due to the special tanning process of our leathers, some colour transfer may occur. We advise you to avoid contact with light colour garments or furniture. 


This item is in stock and ready to dispatch. Packed in luxurious tissue paper. Discreet packaging.

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