Whangee Headmasters Cane

Whangee Headmasters Cane

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This item is a beautiful vintage Whangee headmasters’ discipline cane. The hallmark on the sterling silver pommel dates the cane as having been made in 1904. How many bottoms has this item punished in it's time and how many more are yet to feel it's dark malevolence?

The cane measures 90cm long, has a very tactile curved handle that is finished with a hallmarked sterling silver pommel assayed in Birmingham in 1904. The shaft of the cane is adorned with a white metal band just below the handle and the tip of the cane is finished of with a brass ferrule.   This item shows itself off perfectly with its dark, polished patina achieved through age and has about it a sinister persona achieved through year of inflicting chastisement. 

This exceptional headmasters’ cane will achieve the desired attainment in either the hand of the novice or the veteran dominant masters.

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